Stills Motion Content, Waterloo, Ontario

This is Chris. He likes to  take photos and videos, catch fish, ride motorcycles and play guitar.

Chris' path to becoming a photographer started at the age of 13.  Encouraged by his dad he bought a camera, end of story - well not quite. After attending college and travelling a few years Chris settled in Canada and eventually opened his own studio. Now based in the Waterloo, Ontario region he accepts assignments locally and globally.

Please visit his exclusive Getty Images portfolio at and search Fertnig.

Our History

We have been at this for a couple of decades at least.  We shoot a whole lot of stock photography exclusively for the Getty Images group and we take on lots of assignments for clients here in Kitchener/Waterloo and far beyond.

From simple product shoots to complex location assignments involving travel, hiring talent and juggling logistics we do it all, and have done it all.

Professionalism comes through years of experience, putting the needs of our clients first and just plain getting on with people.

We love what we do, its not a flavour of the month or a new endeavour - we just do it and we get it.

Serving: Waterloo, Kitchener, Guelph, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada and beyond.

Always do right by the client

Photography and Video Production in Waterloo

Professional Photography and videography

When we shoot, we call on decades of experience.  we have worked for the top retailers in North america,  global PHARMACEUTICAL companies and large industrial companies.  from a simple product shot to a full corporate video we can do it all.